Corporate Events

What are Corporate Events?

Business are often looking for ways to enhance their functionality and bring out the best in their most valuable asset, their people. To do this, companies and organizations often turn to a specialist to help breath new life and ideas into the corporate culture, inspiring new thinking, strengthening relationships and encouraging individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Common goals for a corporate program include:

  • increasing a sense of community and peer support.
  • fostering a sense of company pride and loyalty.
  • developing interpersonal skills that lead to better customer relations.
  • developing teamworking skills that lead to improved functioning.
  • reducing work-related stress and increasing a sense of well being.
  • reducing burnout and employee turnover.

There are several goal areas for corporate events, including:

  1. Increasing Pride and Unity (Recreation and Celebrations)
  2. Increasing Collaborative Skills (Team Building and Development)
  3. Reducing Anxiety and Stress (Health  and Wellness)

How does DCM support Corporate Event goals?

DCM helps support Corporate goals by providing:

  • non-verbal forms of communication that serve to build relationships.
  • accessible and fun activities that are open to virtually everyone.
  • opportunities for self-expression and peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • activities that are inclusive and non-competitive.
  • a multitude of options for all types of groups.
  • sound practices for getting the most out of a session.

What are some type of Corporate Events?

  • Ice-Breakers and Energizers (short activities that energize and inspire)
  • Team Building (collaborative activities that invite creativity and peer-support)
  • Creative Recreation (musical events for letting off steam and reducing stress)
  • Celebrations (activities that unite, uplift, and inspire)

DCM training helps trainers create programs that meet the needs of their clients, whether the group is 5 or 500. The principles and values of the DCM approach align perfectly with many Corporate goals and objectives.