DCM helps the whole person

The DCM approach can serve as a foundation for creating and sustaining meaningful and fulfilling social relationships. Because the DCM approach in person-centered and essentially humanistic in nature, DCM experiences generalize seamlessly into daily living. DCM experiences are designed to build social skills, improve interpersonal relationships, increase self-esteem, increase peer support and support other social goals. DCM experiences often engage the person on multiple levels including physical senses, intellectual abilities, emotional qualities, and even within spiritual realms. DCM is about helping people develop their whole being, changing how they approach life, being more open, expressive, creative, and joyful.

photo drumming, playing violin, and playing the guitar

Group jam with drums, violin and guitar.

photo of playing the ukulele

Enjoying the Ukulele and the day

Physical Development

  • whole-body movement
  • fine motor skills
  • spatial awareness
  • expression and affect

Social Development

  • intrapersonal awareness (within the self)
  • interpersonal awareness (between people)
  • expression of thoughts and feelings
  • group dynamics and management
  • cross-cultural appreciation

Intellectual Development

  • music and the mind
  • processing information
  • categorizing, analyzing, describing
  • learning and recalling information

Spiritual Development

  • connecting with somthing greater than the self
  • learning to flow and trust
  • experiencing freedom and joyful play
  • forming a personal vision and purpose