Certification is offered as a way for students to measure their progress and competency in using the techniques, strategies, and principles of DCM. Students may gain certification in the DCM approach by completing the following:

  • Attend at least one DCM course.
  • Show competency in musical skills by demonstrating the ability to:
    • play and maintain a steady beat.
    • create rhythmic grounds in duple and triple meter.
    • synchronize, match, and imitate a variety of rhythm patterns.
    • increase and decrease the tempo and volume of a group (through the music).
    • create suitable rhythms for imitating (echoing).
    • use basic conduction techniques, such as starting, stopping, and changing tempo and volume.
    • chant or sing melodic and/or rhythmic phrases.
  • Show competency in musical knowledge by demonstrating the ability to:
    • identify, by name and origin, the most common instrument types common to group drumming.
    • identify several different tempi, by relating them to movement, such as walking, running, etc.
  • Show competency in movement skills by demonstrating the ability to:
    • effectively lead at least two movement-based experiences.
  • Show competency in Process Presentation by demonstrating the ability to:
    • show positive affect, body language, and connection with participants.
    • effectively cue, support, and reinforce participation by the participants.
    • effectively lead at least two rhythm games.
    • effectively lead a guided interactive drumming experience.
    • effectively facilitate a drum circle experience.
    • effectively lead a group sing-a-long (with or without harmonic accompaniment).
  • Show competency in Program Design by demonstrating the ability to:
    • identify the primary types of community music experiences.
    • identify the three primary stages of a DCM experience.
    • identify and create goals and objectives.
    • design at least two DCM-style programs to meet different goals.
  • Show competency in DCM Practice by designing, presenting, and documenting five DCM sessions.
    • three for any population.
    • one for children or teens.
    • one for adults or older adults.

Steps to Certification:

  • Attend a DCM course.
  • Practice using the DCM approach in your work.
  • Apply for certification by sending a request* to your DCM Instructor for approval.
  • Once approved, pay the $200 certification fee.
  • Complete the certification requirements** within three months. (Students who fail to complete all requirements within a three month period must re-apply for certification).

* Requests are in written form and include a description of your training and experience in the DCM approach.
**Requirements may be met inside or outside of a DCM course.

Note: DCM certification is for personal and professional development goals. Certification is provided as a service of Kalani Music and not suitable as a professional designation or qualification to perform specific types of services, although it is designed to help people enhance their current work and provide a foundation for study in related areas, such as music education, music therapy, and recreational music making.