What our participants say ...

“I’m taking many things home that I will use with my weekly drum group to add depth and variety to what we do.”
- Harriet Peterson, Dressage Instructor

“I learned that the experience will be what it is meant to be, without steering, directing, or trying to control what happens.”
- Alicia Dickinson, Fine Arts Teacher

“Gaining the skills was important, but learning through actively going through the process was even more valuable. We seemed to become a ‘group’ right from the start, sharing, participating, celebrating and learning together.”
- Karen Foley, Music Educator K-5

“The best aspect of this program was the feeling of a supportive community. The sense of love, play and laughter was ever present.”
- Sue LeMarr, Teacher

“Great experience! It’s impossible to go away unchanged for the better!”
- Jean Wilkins, MT-BC

“The best aspect of the program was Kalani’s teaching abilities. He’s able to make the most complex task simple and easy to learn. It’s an incredible course that works beautifully for both the beginner and professional musician.”
- Janine Sedola, Realtor

“I loved that you didn’t explain beforehand, rather you just let us experience it for the first time, just like a client. This gives me insight into how they may be feeling and experiencing things for the first time.”
- Noelle Pederson, MT-BC

“This program was so musical!”
- Wilson Leung, Social Worker

“It was a terrific workshop filled with great people who share a passion for music and what it can do to build community. The laughter we shared will stay with me for a long time!”
- Sandra Price

“Kalani’s energy and authenticity were extremely engaging. He shares so much of who he is through his work.”
- David Paterson

“This training has opened doors for me and made being a facilitator accessible. It provides another level of experience for making music.”
- Katherine Harvey

“This training, the people, and all I learned has given me the skills, courage, and confidence to start planning to make this into a long term career – a true gift.”
- Debbie Clarke

“Kalani’s teachings allow spirit to emerge from every individual, and hold true to his integrity as a teacher.
His gentle guidance allows human potential to grow in a supportive environment.”
- Toni Kellar

"The best aspect of this program was the clarity with which the material was presented Kalani is a terrific instructor.
This was a fantastic experience. I'd recommend it to anyone!"
-Stefan Sion

"I was a newbie .... coming into the DCM training with no idea what it would be like. ... I have come away renewed to my love of music, not just participating, but putting my whole self into it - refreshed with ideas...."
-Nancy Fenci

“I have to say Kalani, you are a master at helping everyone to feel invited in to the circle and to express, learn, support each other. I imagine you have found your true calling.”
– Sherri Ross, MT-BC

“As a recreational drummer and someone who is not a professional, the training this past week was very beneficial, for personal and emotional goals. Kalani has a sense of humor and energy that I can only remember having in my youth. I met wonderful people and really enjoyed myself.”
– Steve Thrash

Leader Training - Los Angeles 2006