A Thinking Game & the DCM Logo

By Kalani • April 18th, 2011

I was browsing through a book I have called the Multicultural Game Book and I found a game from New Zealand that uses an arrangement of circles that is almost identical to the DCM logo! It's a game of strategy for two players (or teams) called Mu-Torere. All you need is a copy of the DCM logo and eight playing piece (four of each color).

Here's how it works:

Print out a large copy of the DCM logo:

You can use a black & white version, but color is always a nice touch.

Get eight playing pieces. These can be things like Checkers pieces, or, if you want to keep it music-based, use egg shakers (four of each color).

Arrange the playing pieces on the logo as shown, one in each pad of the outer circle.

How to play the game:

Players may move in the following three ways:

1. From a pad to the center.
2. From the center to a pad.
3. From a pad to an adjacent empty pad.

Only one piece may occupy a pad or the center at a time.
Only pieces that are next to an opponent's piece may be moved.

Players move around the circle, trying to block their opponent from moving.
The player who prevents the other from having any moves, wins.

Make it musical!

To add a musical element, "play" the rhythm of the game after each move by counting the eight beats around the circle (from "12 o'clock"). The red pads are beats '1' and '3' and the blue pads are '2' and '4.' The green and yellow pads are the upbeats or "eight-notes."

Using the pieces as notes and rests (i.e., black or beats and white for rests), create and play different rhythms that are read in a circle. For more on this, see the book The Amazing Jamnasium, where this is explained in detail.

That's it! Enjoy this game of strategy from New Zealand.

Orlando, L. (1993). The multicultural game book, more than 70 traditional games from 30 countries: Scholastic Professional Books, New York, NY.


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