DCM Singapore 2011!

By Kalani • June 16th, 2011

Just returned from two wonderful weeks in Malaysia and Singapore, where I gave a 5-day DCM course. The 24 attendees got a taste of the full range of DCM experiences, from movement, to singing, drumming, song leading with the ukulele, native american flute play, rhythm games, drum circles, guided interactive drumming, drum play, mixed, media, and program design. This is the first year that I'm covering, in detail, how to create a custom program to reach a specific goal and several objectives. We split the group into four teams (Red, Blue, Gold, and Green - DCM Colors!) and each one devised a program, working together to present it for the other participants. Everyone did an amazing job and the results were fantastic! The creativity and teamwork was beyond my expectations - Hurray!

My friend and colleague, Bill Lewis, was in attendance, despite recent surgery for cancer, which he's recovering from very well. The course was hosted by OneHeartBeat, a local music education and recreational music service provider that specializes in group drumming. Vicky Gunawan did an excellent job bringing the whole course together and coordinating the entire event. We were in a spacious room inside a performing arts center - a real treat.

Of course we had a mix of participants, from music teachers to corporate trainers, healthcare specialists and drummers and percussionists. We even had a couple laughter yoga leaders! You can see many photos from the course HERE.

The Chicago and LA courses are the only ones left this year and they're coming right up. If you haven't been to a DCM course, this is your chance! If you haven't been in 2-3 years, you'll find a lot of new material as well.

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