Strum & Drum 2013

By Kalani • February 11th, 2013

Imagine yourself helping a group of children sing fun songs while playing ukuleles, drums, and percussion. How great would that be. Stop wondering and start strumming and drumming with us this Summer at Music Matters School in Batavia, IL (near Chicago). We're launching an entirely new curriculum for school-age children (grades 4+) featuring island music and world drumming.

The ukulele has been on the rise and Developmental Community Music courses have been leading the way. In fact, we've been teaching ukulele and drumming for the past five years. Now we're doing it even more! Yes, that's right. We're even more ukuleleier.

STRUM & DRUM is a fun-filled course that helps teachers and facilitators create memorable musical experiences for groups of all kinds. It's super easy to get started and the costs are minimal. Anyone with a little musical experience can join in and lead a Strum & Session or Concert in no time. All instruments are provided.

You learn how to play all the instruments and parts. Everyone has a Strum & Drum experience by the end of the course so you can take the experience with you wherever you go. Our mission is to empower teachers and facilitators to bring more music to more children and adults, through offering quality instruction and guidance. Most importantly, we value quality music and we always honor the traditions and cultures that make this music possible.

Won't you join us for this special event. June 22-26, 2013

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