Music Hero, Jeff Matter

By Kalani • February 25th, 2013

Jeff Matter is a percussionist, educator, and community music facilitator. He gets up each day with one mission in mind - Help more people learn to play and enjoy music.

I first met Jeff in 2005 when he attended the DCM course in Los Angeles. Jeff tells me that it was not only an educational experience, but one that changed his mind and heart about the purpose of music in his life. At the DCM course, Jeff experienced music in a way that he found deeply moving. When he returned to his home near Chicago, he opened up a music school with some help from his family and has been in a groove ever since. Through lots of hard work and vision, Jeff has created a life that he enjoys by being of service to his community.

Jeff's school, called Music Matters (perfect name!) offers individual and group classes on everything from drumset to violin, piano, percussion, steel drum, and voice. But Jeff's mission is more than helping people learn how to play. It's about helping people have fun playing. He tells me that he just wants the students, who are mostly kids, to enjoy playing more than anything else. I love this attitude because like Jeff, I know that WHAT we play isn't nearly as important as how we FEEL about the musical experience.

When you visit the School's website, one of the first things you read is, "Music is an art form that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Music brings people together. When a person learns to communicate through music, they participate in a shared experience that can foster friendships, build community, and inspire." Yes! Music is an art form, but the message here is about coming together, communication, and a shared experience that builds relationships.

Music Matters Mission Statement

"Music Matters mission is to provide people of all ages and abilities the tools to have a life long love of music."

Playing the Drum and Ukulele.

Drumming student grooving to Jeff's ukulele.

Along with music lessons and ensembles, the school also hosts events for charitable and local organizations as a way of giving back to, and connecting both local and global communities.

Music Matters provides community-based musical experiences from drum circles to steel drum ensembles and interactive drumming. Jeff selects teachers for their ability to connect with and inspire the students. They currently have over 300 registered students.

His Community Drumming service, called Rhythm Matters, touches all points in the community and reaches all ages of people.

Jeff is a Music Hero because he is sharing his love and passion for music with as many people as possible. He dove in with both feet and found his groove through creating Music Matters school.

Music Matters has been the home to more than six DCM courses, the Drum Course, and this Summer, will host the first Strum & Drum course where world percussion collides with the ukulele!

Find out more at Music Matters School's website and FaceBook page.



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