The Drum Circle – A Musical Approach

By Kalani • November 13th, 2013

More and more people are finding ways to connect with the musical parts of themselves and drumming offers those with limited musical skills an accessible point of entry into group music making. The community drum circle is one place novice and amateur drummers can get together to share, explore, learn, teach, and be in community.

Some of us have made a living playing drums and more have joined as drumming facilitators, people who help create safe and supportive environments for people to play together. There's still a need for skilled facilitators, especially those who can work within the music to help a group play and be together in rhythm. Until now, there have been few resources that focus on using musical techniques and strategies to help facilitators.

New Drum Circle DVD set

We're pleased to introduce a new DVD title: The Drum Circle - A Musical Approach. This 2-DVD set covers everything from the roots of the drum circle movement to musical facilitation techniques, understanding the natural play process, the purpose of facilitation, the types of experiences one has in a circle, types of group drumming, conducting considerations, and it shows real drum circles in action.

If you are a drum circle facilitator or you're hoping to become one, The Drum Circle is a valuable resource that will help you facilitate from a place of service, in an effective way, that encourages unique contributions and expression by all your participants. Look for this on Amazon in Early December 2013.

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