DCM for Health

By Kalani • November 4th, 2010

Music and the power to boost your health

Medical research is begriming to show that approaches that share the same values of DCM (making music making easy and accessible, creating a safe environment, using humor, focusing on successes, encouraging the sharing of personal stories, etc.) have the potential to lower the stress response to group music making and socializing, thereby boosting the immune system. The DCM approach ensures that people feel included, supported, and valued throughout a session, increasing the chances for an overall positive outcome. DCM participants discover that they have what it takes when they walk through the door. The facilitator helps them identify and acknowledge positive traits and musical triumphs, raising self-esteem and increasing a sense of community. This boost in self-confidence and reduction in feelings of isolation can have dramatic effects of health, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing the impact of stress hormones, and improving mood.

DCM with elderly participant


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