We Are The Drum – Drum Circle Anthem

By Kalani • December 31st, 2010

Kalani wrote this song as a tribute to the men and women who help share the joys of group music making with people from all walks of life. For many, drum circles and recreational music making provide a welcoming environment that promotes a positive musical experience. The facilitators who help create these experiences represent the "front lines" in the drumming community and help people begin their journey into rhythm. They help grow the circle of drummers around the world and connect minds and hearts through music. This song, We Are The Drum, is a tribute to their dedication, passion, and to the spirit of drumming we all share. The song can be sung 'A cappella' (voices only), supported by body percussion and drumming. It is a gift to the drum circle community and celebrates the spirit of rhythm.

Note: The line "We Are The Drum" is taken from this phase coined by Babatunde Olatunji, a Nigerian singer and drummer: "I am the drum. You are the drum. We are the drum." This statement asserts that the music is not only inside each of us, but uniting us as well.

We Are The Drum

Sing We Are The Drum!


When hands and heart come together in rhythm
and voices ring in harmony,
then the music flows and the circle grows.
We are one.
We are the drum.

We are the one light, one love
We are one spirit, from above
One heart, one hope - for everyone
We are the [drum].

The CD, Rhythm Spirit is dedicated to the memory and mission of Olatunji, who wished to see "a drum in every household."
Use this song to begin or end a drum circle or music session. For more about how to use this song, perform the body percussion sequence, and how to use Interactive Drumming Expressive Affirmations, visit Kalani Music and/or contact Kalani directly.

To listen to more samples from Rhythm Spirit, search on iTunes, CD Baby, or visit Kalani Music.

Share your Rhythm. Share your Spirit!

Rhythm Spirit CD

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