What You Need to Know

Directions & Accommodations

You can find directions and a map on the retreat center website. HERE

Travel to DCM LA PDF Document

Contact the Office Manager, at the retreat center with questions about room availability outside of the DCM schedule (arriving early or departing late)

Phone: 818-784-4515 X370

Rooms and Meals

Rooms are simple and all feature two twin beds and bathroom with shower. Wi-Fi is available in the common area near the meeting rooms, not in the bedrooms.

On-site participants receive three meals per day, served buffet-style at 9, 12, and 5:30. Snacks, coffee, and tea are available 24/7.

Meals are simple, delicious, and healthful. For special diet requests, contact your retreat leader or the retreat center. Veggi, vegan, and gluten-free options are available.

Participants may keep personal food items in a shared refrigerator, located near the meeting room. There are local restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance.

What to Bring

Clothing & Personal Items

Days are typically warm and sunny. Bring clothes for movement and warm weather. Evenings can be cool. We recommend a light jacket or fleece and long pants.

No strong perfumes and scents, please. Smoking is permitting in a few specific areas, away from public spaces.

Audio recording is permitted. Bring a note-pad and writing tools. You may wish to bring art supplies, such as a sketch pad and colored pens. No video recording of sessions.


We welcome all instruments and music-related materials. Bring your preferred instrument and any supplies, props, and other items that you wish to use and share.

Some instruments are provided, such as drums, small percussion, tuned percussion and manipulatives.

Flutes and ukuleles are provided to the extent they are available.

What to Expect

DCM is a holistic approach to facilitating a variety of outcome-oriented (AKA developmental) experiences for people of all types. You can expect to learn about and experience different "modes" of play, including playing music, moving to music, composing music, and discussing your various experiences.

You will learn about various "types" of experiences such as improvisations, structured games, facilitated music, re-creating music, and much more. There will be opportunities to develop facilitation techniques for group discussion and reflection. You will be challenged to collaborate with your fellow participants to create music, plan experiences, and facilitate different types of experiences.

You will learn how to plan and facilitate a program that is designed to meet specific goals and objectives. You will explore all types of music, from simple drumming, to singing and dancing. You will discover your strengths and growth areas and be provided with productive and honest feedback to help you develop as a leader and facilitator. Expect to grow in ways you don't expect!



Arrive on Sunday any time after 4 PM. Dinner at 6pm.
Meeting in the Lakeside room at 7:30 for orientation (optional for Commuters)
Monday -Thursday: 9-5. Friday: 9-1. Depart 1PM Friday.


8-8:45  Breakfast
9-12 Morning session with a 20 minute break around 10:30
12-2 Lunch and free time
2-5:30 Afternoon session with a 20 minute break around 3:30
6:00 Dinner
7:30-9 Evening Session (Optional)
9-12 Jamming & Free time


Contact Kalani with your special requests, questions, and any other needs.

Our goal is to help your DCM experience to be memorable and inspiring.