ProRhythms is a unique process that combines therapeutic music making (therapeutic or beneficial drumming) for wellness outcomes.

Musical talent or experience are net necessary - just a desire to be of service and a playful spirit!

A ProRhythms Leader guides participants through a specially designed program that allows for self-expression, stress reduction, community building, cooperation, sharing, peer support. Typical sessions last from 45 minutes to one hour.

Research shows that ProRhythms experiences can help to lower anxiety, improve mood, increase empathy and appreciation of others, reduce interpersonal tension, develop trusting relationships, strengthen bonds, and foster a sense of wellbeing.

Designed by master musician, educator, and board-certified music therapist, Kalani Das MT-BC, ProRhythms is a specific procedure of evidence-based experiences that form a powerful and dynamic process for encouraging positive change.

ProRhythms is a flexible approach to delivering prosocial programs to a variety of populations with varying goals. Some of these include:

  • Teens - in foster care or who are 'at-risk.'
  • Adults - in working relationships or ongoing support groups.
  • Older adults - in long-term care facilities.

Goals of ProRhythms groups can include:

  • Reducing stress-related anxiety, fatigue, and burnout. Elevating mood and lifting spirits.
  • Reducing interpersonal conflict in the workplace or between communities. Increasing empathy and peer support.
  • Reducing bullying and maladaptive behaviors. Improving attitudes towards school and classmates.

What is needed to present a ProRhythms program?

All that is needed is a suitable space for a group of up to 20 people. The environment must be music-friendly, meaning that there are no issues with sound affecting those in nearby spaces. Armless chairs are needed for each participant. The session leader provides all the necessary instruments and materials.

Who can become a ProRhythms Leader?

Anyone with a passion for helping others and who enjoys musical experiences. You do not have to be able to sing or play melodies or chords on an instrument, but you do need to be able to keep a steady beat on a drum and be comfortable with public speaking. A background as a teacher, therapist, presenter or facilitator is a plus. ProRhythms is especially suited for those in healthcare professions, such as social workers, caregivers, therapists, councilors; those in educational professions; and those in recreational fields, such as activity leaders, therapeutic musicians, life coaches, and facilitators.

How do I become a Certified ProRhythms Leader?

Attend a ProRhythms Training Program and complete the certification process. Programs take place throughout the year and will be listed on this website. All participants are required to complete a post-training exam to become certified. There is a certification fee of $150 in addition to the course fee of $500. Those attending ProRhythms as part of any DCM course only need to complete the ProRhythms certification process ($150).Upon passing the post-test, candidates become certified and are able to use ProRhythms in any setting their general qualifications allow.

Where can I use ProRhythms?

ProRhythms can be used in just about any setting, from schools to healthcare facilitates. ProRhythms may be added to existing treatment programs or used as a stand-alone service. Certification in ProRhythms does not qualify someone to work in educational, healthcare, or therapy settings, although this type of work may be possible under the supervision of a qualified professional. All applications of ProRhythms are considered to be recreational unless the qualifications of the Leader allow him/her to provide specialized services, in which case it is his/her professional credentials and qualifications that will determine the type of service being offered. For example; a social worker or councilor may use ProRhythms to supplement and expand his/her existing programs. Someone who is not a licensed social worker or councilor, could present ProRhythms sessions under the supervision of a social worker or councilor. In this sense, ProRhythms can be used in just about any setting.

ProRhythms may be helpful for people in:

  • Cancer/Recovery Support Groups.
  • Addition Recovery Support Groups.
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Support Groups.
  • Vetrans Support Groups.
  • After- and In-School Programs.
  • Senior Centers and Community Centers.
  • Women's and Men's Groups.
  • GLTB Support Groups.
  • Retreats, Workshops and Seminars.
  • Business Development Programs.

ProRhythms is for any group of people who wish to improve their mood, discover creative ways to express what words alone cannot, support one another and foster a greater sense of community. Join the ProRhythms community of Certified Leaders and start changing lives. It all begins with you!

ProRhythms Leadership Training is currently included in all 5-day DCM courses. It is also available as a two-day intensive training. To bring a ProRhythms Leadership Training to your organization, contact us.

Contact Kalani about offering or taking this course.