Strum & Drum

World Music with an Island Flair

Strum & Drum is a World Music curriculum that features Songs, Ukuleles, and Drumming Ensembles. The goal is to provide a fun and accessible way to enjoy community music making. Strum & Drum may be used for Educational, Recreational, Developmental, and Therapeutic outcomes and only a basic musical skill set is required. No formal musical education is required to lead Strum & Drum. You don't need to know how to read music or play an instrument, although a little experience in playing and leading music will make it easier!

Participants will:

  • Experience popular songs in 'island' styles.
  • Play chord progressions on the ukulele.
  • Accompany songs on drums and percussion.
  • Embellish songs with the steel pan (Jumbie Jam).
  • Celebrate with ensembles performances.

Strum and Drum is for:

  • Music Educators.
  • Music Therapists.
  • Music Facilitators.

Strum & Drum is included as part of the Developmental Community Music Leadership Program.

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