The Drum Course

Learn how to play drums and percussion instruments from around the world.

The Drum Course is a special intensive educational program for music teachers, music therapists, drum circle facilitators, drumming and percussion students - and anyone who wishes to make progress in the art of drumming.

Drum Course students learn about a variety of different instruments, including; djembe, dundun, congas, bongos, darbuka (doumbek), frame drums, agogo, shakers, claves, cabasa, triangle, caxixi, guiro, and many more hand-held percussion instruments.

Students not only learn how to name, hold, and use basic traditional techniques on all the instruments, they also learn traditional rhythms in ensembles, but it doesn't stop there. The Drum Course is about more than drumming - It's about community music making. So - In addition to learning about the instruments and rhythms, students also learn songs and dances that the rhythms support.

By the time the course is over, students are playing, singing, and dancing together. Most students are surprised that they can do so much in so little time. The Drum Course is a program that takes students around the globe through music. The Drum Course helps music educators do a better job demonstrating instruments for their students, as well as accompanying their students on drums and percussion. It helps music therapists create solid rhythmic foundations for their clients - and better enables them to help their clients play instruments as well. It helps drum circle facilitators model and assist those who might need help holding and playing instruments. It helps beginning and intermediate drummers build a solid foundation that will last a lifetime.

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Most of all, the Drum Course is about making progress in the art of drumming. As one of our most celebrated forms of community music making, drumming provides the foundation for almost all other forms of instrumental music and dance. Drumming is instrumental in all music making and it's at the heart of rhythm.

The Drum Course is taught by experienced drummers and percussionists with years of professional experience. Students learn from top musicians who are highly respected in the field.

The DRUM COURSE is part of the Developmental Community Music Leadership Program. The DRUM COURSE is integrated with Strum & Drum.

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