Terms of Service


The Developmental Community Music website and services are offered 'as-is' with no warranty expressed or implied. The website and all its content are provided to users through various levels of membership. Paid memberships entitle specific users to access information and resources for their personal use. Sharing of user name, password, and account may result in loss of site privileges. DCM will not be held responsible for any loss or events resulting from restrictions in access to user accounts or site content and will do its best to maintain access to site resources. Users acknowledge that these services are being provided through the internet, often relying on third-party applications, the functioning of which is beyond out control.


DCM may provide refunds in the event that the site or content becomes unavailable for extended periods of time. If refunds are issued, they, will be pro-rated according to the payment schedule of the user. Should a user decide to cancel his enrollment in DCMU, he/she does so knowing that DCM does not provide refunds for unused portions of DCMU payments.


DCM and DCMU will not share users' personal information with third parties and may occasionally contact users to provide information related to site features and related services. Users may opt-out at any time by changing or deleting their user information.

We reserve the right to amend and update the Terms of Service at any time.